Spartite 2000 Mast Support Sealing

  • SPA 2000
  • Brand: Spartite


Spartite 2000

Spartite is available in one formula, Spartite 2000. This version is designed for both race and cruise boats of any size. Spartite 2000 is available in two kit sizes, Kit #1 - which is a small kit, and Kit #2 - which is a large kit.

Included in the Kit:
Pre-measured Spartite cans
Modeling clay
Foam support strips
Pouring cup
Stirring sticks
Plastic gloves
Petroleum Jelly

Not Included in the Kit:
Razor knife
Paper Towels
Drop cloth or newspaper
Alcohol or acetone
2" masking tape

The Spartite ring shrinks less than one thousandths of an inch and when installed properly will radically reduce or eliminate leaking at the partners. Spartite ensures secure and correct mast position in the partners all season and makes correct placement of the mast in the partners automatic whenever the mast is restepped. This is an exceptional feature for racers who trailer to regattas, sailors who remove their spars annually, and boats with unique rig placements. Racers, who like to move their mast fore and aft to adjust to conditions, can pour Spartite to fix the athwart ship position of the mast and allow space fore and aft for quick, easy adjustment by the addition or removal of spacers. Under sail, the one piece structure of Spartite eliminates the problem of wedges falling out or moving.

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