MDR Bilge Oilzorb Mini Boom - 4" x 15"

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MDR Bilge Oilzorb™ Mini Boom - 4" x 15"

Mini-boom soaks up oil leaks and spills in bilge water. Bilge Oilzorb™ absorbs 4 quarts of oil in the bilge and repels the water…Permits clean water to be pumped overboard.

There is a fine for pumping oil overboard!

The industry standard with open mesh design permits full 4 quart saturation quickly. Can be tied down to prevent tangling in moving parts in bilge. All Oilzorb™ products are made from virgin material for more  complete absorption, are non-toxic and absorb only oil related products, not water. Will not disintegrate and will float even when fully saturated.

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