Amazon Mildew Stain Away - 16oz.

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Amazon’s Mildew Stain Away - 16oz.

AMAZON'S MILDEW STAIN AWAY is in a class by itself! Developed to remove mold and mildew stains an help prevent their return. This world renowned formula can be applied to most colored fabrics including furniture, sails, life jackets, clothes, colored canvas, carpeting, etc. Will not remove color or break down stitching as with chlorine based products. PLEASANT ODOR allows use in close quarters without harmful fumes. Will also work effectively on hard fiberglass or tile surfaces. Excellent for use in basement closets, bathrooms and laundry rooms, especially in high humidity areas. After cleaning, a light coating of Mildew Stain Away helps to keep surface mildew free. Biodegradable-Chlorine Free.

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