Long Ship Auger Bits

  • Spur for clean boring
  • Ship head style twin
    cutting edges
  • 7/16" hex shank
  • Self-feeding screw point

Spur provided along with a self-feed screw point for fast, clean and effortless boring. Extra long reach bit for heavy wood, railroad ties or creosoted poles.

Two recesses in shank allow for extension set screws (bits over 5/8"). Refer to page19 for appropriate extensions.

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Pic SKU: Name List Price Price Qty Pricing Quantity
  MIT 727-1316 Long Ship Auger Bit 13/16" x 23" $66.22 $56.29 Qty Pricing
  MIT 727-1416 Long Ship Auger Bit 7/8" x 23" $71.49 $60.77 Qty Pricing
  MIT 727-1216 Long Ship Auger Bit 3/4" x 23" $64.57 $54.88 Qty Pricing
  MIT 727-1016 Long Ship Auger Bit 5/8" x 23" $45.60 $38.76 Qty Pricing
  MIT 727-1116 Long Ship Auger Bit 11/16" x 23" $63.39 $53.88 Qty Pricing

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