Bugbusters Hatch Insect Screen 30" x 30"

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Bugbusters Hatch Insects Screens

Strong plastic carrying case included!

  • Bugbusters boat hatch insects screens: A simple solution for no-see-ums, mosquitos and other bugs...
  • Installation is fast and easy, just drop the Bugbusters screens over the hatches as the small lead beads will hold them in place.
  • No velcro, strings or frame needed, which allow you to open or close the hatch from inside. The original, long lasting UV grade Polyester mesh, not a copy!

Features and Specs:

  • Installs instantly over any hatch, just drop it over the hatch
  • Easy open or close the hatch from inside
  • Nothing to fix, no velcro, frame or stings attached
  • 24 Very small Holes/Inch or about 1mm size, No-See-Um proof
  • 100% UV resist Polyester mesh, military spec, US made
  • Strong UV resist Polyester thread
  • Lead ballasted (will not affect compass)


Just close the hatch, take outside measurement and add one inch (2,5cm) on each side to fit neatly. Example: A 16" x 20" hatch would preferably use a 18" x 22" screen. You can use up to 25% bigger size if you want too.

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