Rudder Craft Corsair F-24 MK1 Laminated Mahogany & Ash Tiller, Varnished 2"H x 1-3/4"W x 38"

  • SKU: RUD F24MK1
  • Brand: Rudder Craft
  • Unit: EA
  • 291.43 USD$291.43


Rudder Craft Corsair F-24 MK1 Laminated Mahogany & Ash Tiller, Varnished 2"H x 1-3/4"W x 38"

Corsair F-24 laminated mahogany and ash tiller for the F-24 MK1 boats. This tiller price includes cutting the slot for the OEM tiller head. Tiller dimensions are 38" long overall, with a butt end height of 1.75" and a butt end width of 2".

We strongly suggest that you make sure these dimensions fit your boat before ordering. 

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