Suncor Anchor Shackles

Suncor Anchor Shackle

This anchor shackle is made from grade 316 NM stainless steel and features an oversize screw pin. Stainless steel anchor shackles are ideal for salt water applications. The anchor shackle is primarily used to connect the anchor to the chain.

  • Brand: Suncor
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Pic SKU: Name List Price Price Qty Pricing Quantity
  SMI S0116FS22 Anchor 8,000# 7/8" $127.84 $108.67 Qty Pricing
  SMI C0116FS08 Anchor 1,300# 5/16" $8.89 $7.56 Qty Pricing
  SMI C0116FS12 Anchor 2,000# 7/16" $18.69 $15.89 Qty Pricing

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