Spinlock Deckvest Lite+ PFD Auto Inflation w/Harness, Black


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Spinlock Deckvest Lite+ PFD Auto Inflation w/Harness

Ideal for fast craft, RIBs, power and sail boating, paddle sports, fishing and open power craft, the Deckvest LITE+ is built for lightness and speed.

UML Mk5 Inflation System

This is a water sensitive activation system that uses a compressed paper capsule which dissolves when wet which then releases a spring to puncture the CO2 cylinder.

The cap is designed so that only water flowing upwards through the unit will cause it to activate. Water, spray and rain running down the jacket will not cause activation. 


  • 170N Buoyancy
  • CO2 Cylinder - 33g
  • Weight - 860g
  • Ultra lightweight and low profile, comfortable design
  • Automatic inflating lifejacket
  • Easy side donning
  • Single crotch strap with recessed clip
  • Deckvest LITE+ has integrated deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point.
  • Toggle attachment point for Chest Pack
  • Deckvest LITE+ available in black only
  • Easily converts to ‘manual only’ firing head with a Manual Conversion Kit

Compatible Re-Arm Kits

International Safety Standards

The Deckvest LITE+ is approved to the following international standards:

  • CE Approved
  • ISO 12402-3 Lifejacket (170N)
  • ISO 12401 Deck Harness 

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