Torqeedo Travel Storage Bags

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  • Securely packed and stowed away:
  • the travel bags for your Travel and spare battery are indispensable companions when travelling to the water.
  • For transporting and storing Travel 503/1103 models.
  • Includes 2 bags – one bag for the motor (including tiller and accessories) and one bag for the battery.

Customer Reviews

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FixorFish from Oregon
Torqeedo bag review

[****] buckle placement (when cinched down they end up UNDER the shaft.... stupid...), zipper placement being right where the corner of the motor is "sharpest" (sure to be the first "failure spot" of this bag's life), no diagram for placement of pieces (hope I put them where YOU had in mind... hehehe !), marginal securement of tiller handle, OUTRAGEOUS PRICING, especially for a PROPRIETARY bag with so many design flaws... y'all designed the motor, why flail when it comes to protection of a unique design ???
Overall, the bag is barely acceptable, but I have added some closed cell foam padding, along with a box constructed from a couple of cheap, thin cutting boards to further protect the prop..... something Torqeedo should have done.
I feel a bit duped, sorry.

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