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The ACR OLAS Tag is a compact, ‘smart’, man overboard system. It easily attaches to adults, children, pets, and objects such as overboard flotation devices or Personal Locator Beacons. It is small, portable and easily taken from boat to boat ensuring you are always protected. Each tag is supplied with a universal silicone wrist strap with a stainless steel buckle and a pre-installed CR2477 Battery (user replaceable). Pair the OLAS Tag with the OLAS Guardian to comply with new USCG Boat Engine Shut Off System regulations for Crew Overboard Devices.

The range of the ACR OLAS transmitters allows for coverage on vessels up to 40 ft in length. However, the transmitter is part of a larger scalable ecosystem of ACR OLAS products (transmitters and receivers) that offer additional safety features and can be combined to track large crews on larger vessels. You can even ditch your phone and utilize your ACR, OLAS Tag, with the OLAS Guardian Engine Shut Off Switch or OLAS Core Base Station as part of a more permanent solution.

ACR OLAS is a must-have addition to your safety toolkit. It provides a simple yet cost-effective safety solution for everyone on board including adults, children, and even pets.

Key Features:

  • ACR OLAS Free Mobile App Integration
  • Versatile Attachment Solution (Wrist-worn, life jacket, dog collar, attach to Personal Locator Beacon)
  • Waterproof (IP 67)
  • Bluetooth® 4.1 Compatible
  • Low Battery Indicator Light
  • 3,500 Hours Per Battery When Armed
  • User-Replaceable Battery (CR2477)
  • Compatible with ACR OLAS Guardian Engine Shut Off System (New USCG Regulations)

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