Weems & Plath Crystal Magnifier

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Weems & Plath Crystal Magnifier

This handsome optical-grade crystal glass magnifier features a compass rose making it perfect for use with nautical charts. With crystal clarity and magnification of 4x, this magnifier enlarges small print on any task and is a welcome addition to desks or chart tables. The scratch resistant Crystal Magnifier is more durable than acrylic models and is packaged in an attractive felt-lined gift box.


•  Optical crystal
•  Compass rose
•  Magnification: 4x
•  Scratch resistant
•  More durable than acrylic models
•  Felt-lined gift box

Length: 2.9 in (7.37 cm)

Width: 2.9 in (7.37 cm)

Height: 1.6 in (4.06 cm)

Weight: 0.9 lb (4.06 cm)

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