Dr. LED Star LED Phaser Searchlight

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Dr. LED Star LED Phaser Searchlight

The LED Star Phaser searchlight is so bright you can read a book when the light is held 50 feet (15m) away. This high-quality marine-grade 900 lumen LED search flash/strobe light outperforms any other LED light in the same category in terms of price, performance, and versatility. Three U.S. made LEDs provide the most lumens-per-watt LED light ever made. Both flood and spot beams are provided for area and distance illumination. The light is equipped with a red laser pointer for general and emergency use. (No more yelling to your shipmates to get this and that!) The Star Phaser is so bright it can disorient an intruder at close quarters. Set the unit on strobe for emergency use. This provides 6-hour, 5-mile (8km) visibility and is best used for rescue purposes. The light will float up to 15 minutes for timely retrieval from water.

  • Three state-of-the-art 3W U.S. made high-quality high-power LEDs.
  • High-intensity white LED light travels farther for maximum visibility.
  • Instant on, no warm-up of bulb needed.
  • Water-resistant polycarbonate body.
  • Anodized aluminum heat sink to ensure long LED life.
  • Durable rubberized head and handgrip.
  • Two brightness settings: 900 lumens / 270 lumens.
  • High / Low / Strobe trigger switch.
  • Long operating time: 1.5 hours on high / 4 hours on low / 6 hours on strobe.
  • Powered by a 7.2V 6 Cell NiMH rechargeable battery with intelligent battery management circuit and LED battery status indicator.
  • Universal 100 ~ 240 VAC wall charger and 12 VDC charger are included.
  • Weight: 1.3 lbs (0.58 kg).

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