Forespar Whisker Pole, Line Control LC 12-22 UXP-UTR, Piston -Trigger, Complete Pole, 35' Boat Max.*

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Forespar Whisker Pole, Line Control, Piston -Trigger, Complete Pole, 35' Boat Max.

LC 12-22 UXP-UTR

Model numbers indicate the type of end fittings:

• EL - aluminum easy latch with external trip
• UXP - composite external trip with piston
• UTR - composite internal trip with piston
• UTS - composite socket mast end


Line Control™ is a proven concept in telescoping whisker pole design. So unique, that full patent protection has been secured. Line Control™ is only available on Forespar® whisker poles. See the chart below for pole lengths and tube sizes. The system is simple, and makes the extension and retraction of poles quick and easy. And most amazing of all...the entire operation can be executed while being positioned at the mast. It is no longer necessary to go forward to adjust buttons of any kind - simply uncleat the line and extend or retract (never attempt to adjust while under load). It's quick and easy even with the largest poles. Topping lift attachment points are on all poles. Attachment to outer end is with end fittings jaw facing down.

*When selecting accessories for your pole, be sure to match the accessory size to the corresponding pole size.




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