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A premium, wire-reinforced as well as fabric-reinforced marine exhaust hose suitable for longer runs and angled connections in applications with exhaust temperatures less than 250° F.
Smaller diameters are suitable for engine intake, bilge discharge, toilet and holding tank connections and drain scupper lines.
Larger diameters are ideal for marine wet exhaust where connection requires a long length (greater than four times the inside diameter) or the connection requires a significant bend.

• Heavy wall construction reinforced with wire helix imbedded between two tough synthetic spiral cord plies
• Extremely durable EPDM synthetic rubber liner tube and cover (ethylene propylene diene monomer)
• Construction allows excellent flexibility, bend radius, resists panting and collapsing
• Resists heat, ozone, exhaust, and sanitation chemicals
• Max. temperature: 280°F (138°C)
• Recommend double clamp and sealing compound for below water line connections
• Exceeds these standards for type certified wet exhaust hose: SAE J2006-R2, and ABYC & NMMA P-1 exhaust standards; Lloyd's Registry Type Approved Certified 02/00029
• 5 year limited warranty
• Black with blue stripe
• Available in 1/2" to 12" internal diameters

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