Rotella T1 Engine Oil 30W - Gal.


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ROTELLA® T1 Engine Oil - 30Wt.

Excellent wear protection that promotes engine durability through:

  • Low ash content, minimizing formation of deposits and helping to keep intake ports clean
  • Outstanding oxidation resistance to help maximize service life
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection for critical engine parts
  • Optimized dispersant content to help prevent engine sludge and varnish deposits


  • Shell ROTELLA® T1 oils are suitable for use in many turbo- and non-turbocharged light/medium-duty diesel-powered trucks and transport operations, including city operations and long-distance service.
  • Shell ROTELLA® T1 can provide dependable lubrication for small-to-medium-powered agricultural equipment, such as tractors. Also suitable for many low/medium-powered stationary applications such as diesel-powered water pumps, generators, etc.
  • Shell ROTELLA® T1 is suitable for use in mobile hydraulic and transmission systems, as well as for stop-start conditions in construction, mining, or quarry operations, protecting against bearing wear and deposit formation. Not recommended for high-speed engines.

Relative Protection

  • Acid/corrosion
  • Dirt & Deposits
  • Wear

Protection Against Emissions

Shell ROTELLA® T Triple Protection® helps control vehicle emissions in two ways:

  1. by reducing the rate of lubricant-related DPF blockage compared to API CI-4 PLUS oils,
  2. by virtue of the improved wear and exceptional cleanliness, helping engines maintain efficient combustion. Minimizing DPF blockage also helps maintain fuel economy, thus further helping control exhaust-gas emissions.

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