Orion Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit with First Aid in Soft Floating Case

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Coastal Alert/Locate Signal Kit with First Aid in Soft Floating Case

*HazMat item available for in-store pick-up only - NO SHIPPING

Replaces #549

Packed 2/Case

Expanded signal coverage for inland and coastal boaters plus the addition of first aid modules stored in a floating orange soft case.

12-Gauge Safety Launcher – Corrosion resistant with lifetime warranty, bandolier that can hold up to 6 high-performance signals, and hammer safety lock.

4 12-Gauge High-Performance Red Aerial Signals – USCG approved day or nighttime signal, altitude up to 500 feet, brightness up to 16,000 candela, burn time up to 7 seconds each.

3 Handheld Red Flares – NEW Eco-Friendly Formulation. NO PERCHLORATE Chemicals. USCG approved daytime/night signal. Brightness up to 950 candela. Burn time up to 3 minutes. EXCEEDS U.S. Coast Guard Requirements for Brightness and Burn Time. Easy Disposal.

2 Handheld Orange Smoke Signals – U.S. Coast Guard Approved Daytime Signal. Burn Time: Up to 1 minute each.

ORION Safety Manual – Contains important safety warnings, use, storage, and inspection instructions for the Orion signal launcher and flares (aerial and handheld). Please read the enclosed Safety Manual carefully before using or storing signaling products and retain for future reference. l.

1 Floating Storage Case – international orange volare foam, soft, zippered storage bag.


1 Medications Module – with aspirin, non-aspirin, motion sickness, etc.

1 General First Aid Module – with bandages, ointments, gauze, etc.

Packed in 4-Color Corrugated Carton


Item Number: 249

Weight: 4 lbs each

Dimensions: 5.875 x 12 x 5.875

UPC: 077403105496

Packages Per Carton: 2

Dot Class: 1.4G UN0353

Net Explosive Weight: 487 grams per kit

Ex Number: EX2004110274

USCG Approved

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