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Specially formulated to resist the cracking, flaking and peeling that other paints can experience on the flexible hulls of inflatable boats. Inflatable Boat Paint is a multi-season 25% cuprous oxide, water-based antifouling bottom coating that sticks to your inflatable.
It protects against algae, barnacles and all types of marine and freshwater fouling.

Inflatable Boat may be applied to properly prepared hulls by roller, brush or sprayer.
Its water-based formula results in an effective product that is easy to apply, environmentally responsible (exceeds even the most stringent air pollution regulations), and is safer to use.


  • Can be applied to PVC or Hypalon or fiberglass
  • Black, multi-season, ablative characteristics reduce coating build-up
  • Tough - withstands frequent trailering, launching and beaching
  • Unlimited dry time to launch, can be painted in the fall or winter
  • Inflatable Boat contains super slick PTFE which increases hull speed
  • Minimal odor
  • Contains copper - do not use this product on aluminum hulls, outdrives, or lower units
  • Thinner: Water (makes for easy clean-up)
  • Apply by brush, roller or spray
  • All surfaces to be must be prepped with 97 Epoxy Thinner (aka 12097 Polypoxy Thinner)
  • Theoretical coverage is 430 ft²/gallon (107 ft²/quart); at least 2 coats recommended, with an additional coat at the waterline; 40% solids (by vol.)
  • Available in quarts only, and only in black

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