Trident LPG Gas Control & Detection System Kit 12V DC

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12V DC Marine Gas Control & Detection System Kit

Full LP Gas Detection Panel, LP Gas Detector, 10ft. Quick Connect Cable, & 3/8” 12VDC Solenoid w/2 Connection Fittings.

System turns Gas ON/OFF from inside the galley; continuously monitors space(s) for presence of LP Gas in up to 3 locations, with additional detectors (1300-7720); and automatically turns Gas OFF and activates audio and visual alarm if Gas is detected at 10% Lower Explosion Limit (LEL). The surface mount Marine UL Listed Gas Control Panel has: 3 alarm zone indicators, green function light, red alarm lights, 95 db alarm, mute/test button. The Detector has red function light and a 10ft. Quick Connect Cable (1300-7721-120). The detector is ON and monitoring even when the Gas Control Panel is OFF, and its Alarm horn will sound as long as LP Gas is present at 10% Lower Explosion Limit (LEL) or until the mute/test button is touched. If LP Gas is detected when the Gas Control Panel is ON, the Panel, the green function light and solenoid are automatically turned OFF. A red indicator light illuminates to show which detector or where the alarm occurred. Additional detectors (1300-7720). System draws 163 M.A. when OFF, 953 M.A. when ON/Standby mode & 255 M.A. in the alarm mode.

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