Pettit Z*Spar Traditional Topside Enamel, Solid Coat Gloss White - Quart


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Z*Spar Traditional Topside Enamel

  • Proven topside protection.
  • High gloss enamel - durable.
  • Easy brushability - applies evenly.
  • Can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.

Shipendec and Z*Spar finishes are traditional modified long oil alkyd enamel of exceptional all-around durability. Famous for extraordinary gloss and gloss-retention. Shipendec and Z*Spar enamel is a superb finish for all topside surfaces of wood, metal or fiberglass. They are well known for their exceptionally easy, forgiving application, superb covering properties, good gloss, seasonal durability, and economical value. Not recommended for constant immersion.

Associated Products:
Primer: EZ Prime - 6149

Satin Additive 9080 - will produce a semi-gloss to semi-flat finish often desired for non-glare deck surfaces and interiors.

Non Skid Additive 9900 - creates a non slip surface.

Use 120 thinner for brushing, rolling, and clean up. Use 121 thinner for spraying.  


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