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Man Overboard Equipment

No one wants to fall overboard while boating, but accidents happen, especially when navigating rough waves or harsh weather. When these man-overboard situations occur, the first few moments are critical. A successful rescue endeavor requires equipment and accessories you can trust. Prepare for anything with man overboard systems before you head out on the water.

Fawcett Boat Supplies recognizes how important your safety and the safety of your passengers or crew are. Our product catalog is jam-packed with safety supplies, from dan buoys to man overboard kits, ensuring you can access the gear you need for any emergency. 

What Equipment Do You Need for a Man Overboard? 

Whether you're on the open seas in choppy water or close to shore, you never want to see a crew member overboard. However, accidents happen, and preparing for them could save a life. Implementing the proper man overboard equipment and safety kits is essential to ensure a successful rescue. 

Rescuing someone who's fallen overboard involves much more than simply pulling them back in. You'll require specific equipment to get your crew member back on board as quickly as possible. These safety systems come in all shapes, colors and sizes, performing various jobs for successful retrieval. Many standard overboard safety options include: 

  • Dan buoys 
  • Abandon ship bags
  • Rescue lines
  • Personal rescue strobes
  • Recovery ladders
  • Boat hooks
  • Whistles

Be Prepared for any Emergency With Fawcett Boat Supplies

We understand how vital the individuals you surround yourself with are. Our team wants to ensure you have the necessary man-overboard alert systems and safety equipment to keep everyone onboard safe while on the water. 

At Fawcett Boat Supplies, we maintain a large inventory with some of the industry's top brands, such as: 

  • Just Marine
  • Beckson Marine Inc.
  • Weems & Plath Inc. 
  • ACR Electronics
  • Davis Instruments

A Dealer You Can Trust

When it comes to the safety of your crew and fellow passengers, never settle for less than the best. The team at Fawcett Boat Supplies recognizes this need and strives to maintain an extensive inventory filled with first-rate man-overboard kits and accessories. 

We strive to be much more than a boat store. We opened Fawcett Boat Supplies in 1948 with the mission of transforming the boating industry into a hobby anyone can enjoy. Our online and in-store presence allows us to reach boaters far and wide, offering built-to-last products and expert repair services to get you back on the water in no time. 

With our deep knowledge of the industry and decades of experience, we are your go-to marine dealer, ready to help you enhance your vessel's safety protocols. Get the helping hand and high-quality equipment you deserve when you shop with Fawcett Boat Supplies.

Buy Your Man Overboard Kits From Fawcett Boat Supplies Today

Safety should always be your main priority. The right man overboard systems and kits will give you the peace of mind to enjoy your time on the water knowing that you're prepared for the unexpected. Browse our comprehensive selection and purchase the rescue equipment you need today! 

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