Annapolis Inflatable Boat Maintenance & Repair

Inflatable boats are an excellent choice for many boaters because they offer versatility, cost-efficiency and reliability. If you own a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) and need repair services, Fawcett Boat Supplies' repair facility can meet your needs.

Our Maryland RIB repair services help you get your boat back out on the water to enjoy a wide range of recreational activities. Our staff consists of passionate boaters, and we have the necessary knowledge to perform many repairs on your boat.

Get Repair Services for Your Boat

Inflatable boats, like any other watercraft, need repairs from time to time to keep them in good condition. Some common repairs that inflatable boats require include:

  • Patches: Though the boat material is durable to withstand rough conditions, it may puncture over time and require patching
  • Valve replacement: The valve that holds air inside the boat may crack, causing leaks.
  • Leaking seams: Long-term use can cause wear and tear on your entire boat, including seams that may leak.
  • UV degradation: The sun beats down on your boat's material for long periods, causing cracking and adhesive separation.
  • Rodent damage: If you store your boat in a garage or attic while it's not in use, you may need repairs to fix holes from mice and rats.

If you're not an expert in boat repair, these improvements may take a while and be challenging to get right. If you're looking for an expert to repair your boat, stop by our state-of-the-art, climate-controlled service facility in Annapolis. Our team pairs years of hands-on experience with the specific skills needed to perform inflatable boat repair services.

Enjoy Warranty-Certified Maryland RIB Repairs

A warranty protects a new boat for a certain period after purchase. During this time, you can receive repairs for defects without paying high costs, but not all boat repair facilities have the authorization to perform warranty repairs. 

Whether you need Zodiac or AB boat repairs, visit Fawcett Boat Supplies for warranty-certified service on the following brands:

  • Zodiac: This global boat brand makes inflatable watercraft for various applications.
  • Achilles: This brand is known for proven fabric durability and toughness.
  • Walker Bay: Boats from this brand have a smooth and dry ride, no matter their size.
  • Highfield: These boats can serve patrol, sport and classic boating needs.
  • Avon and Bombard: These boats are known for innovative design and leisure applications.
  • West Marine: This brand provides many watersport materials, including a range of inflatable dinghies and boats.
  • AB Inflatables: This manufacturer offers over 80 customizable boat models.

Contact Fawcett Boating Supplies to Repair Your Inflatable Boat

Your inflatable boat requires maintenance to keep you cruising the waves. If you've noticed an issue with your rigid inflatable boat, Fawcett Boating Supplies can repair it, even if it's under warranty. We've offered maintenance and repair in the Annapolis boating community since 1948, so you can trust us for expert service. 

Enjoy more time doing what you love in the water by contacting us for more information about repairing your inflatable boat.

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