Father's Day Boating Gift Guide

Finding the right gift for your dad, grandfather or other father figures can be simple and easy. When they have engaging interests like boating, you can always find new ways to impress them and spend time together or encourage them to unwind on the water. Our guide to Father's Day boating gifts will give you tons of ideas to wow the dads in your life and show them how much you care. 

A father in a yellow jacket and jeans sitting at the helm of his boat and smiling.

Safety Boating Gifts for Dads

Safety is likely always on your father's mind, especially when it comes to boating. The open water can be unforgiving, and having the right tools and supplies for any situation will provide peace of mind. Check out these safety gifts for your boating father:

  • Safety vests: These jackets and vests can help passengers stay afloat if they go overboard or struggle with swimming. Quality safety vests for children, adults and pets ensure every passenger on the boat has security in case of an emergency. 
  • Safety lights: Staying on the side of caution also means preparing for emergencies that could happen in low light or during foggy conditions. Distress lights and safety strobes can alert other boaters that you're in trouble and need assistance, and they can help other vessels see you for safe navigation after dark.
  • First aid kit: You never know when you'll need a first aid kit. Even minor accidents when you need a bandage are much less stressful if you can find the supplies you need quickly. Ensure your father has what he needs by gifting him a water-safe first aid kit. 

Boating Gifts for the Deck

Sprucing up the deck is exciting and can create a more welcoming environment for your dad and his guests. You can help improve his organization or give him a new version of one of his favorite items. Either way, here are some great deck gifts:

A graphic with a Yeti waterproof duffle cooler that says "Waterproof and heavy-duty cooler options are excellent for the boat deck, where your dad can quickly grab what he needs while enjoying the view."

Boating Gifts for the Cabin

The interior of your father's boat is just as important as the exterior. Creating a welcoming space can encourage your father to take a break from the sun and unwind in the shade. It can also open the area for the possibility of more people joining your dad on his next voyage. Try these gifts for the cabin:

  • Stove or cooktop: If your father enjoys making fresh food on his ventures, gifting a cooktop or stove is an excellent choice. He'll be able to turn his catches into delicious meals on the water or bring some food from home to treat himself to a cruising delight. 
  • Ventilator: Every vessel needs some ventilation in the cabin to let the space breathe. Larger ships may require two or more ventilators, while small ones may only need one. Either way, gifting him a ventilator ensures wet air flows outside, keeping the cabin comfortable and clean. 

A graphic with the maintenance book titled The Gougeon Brothers on Boat Construction on it. The graphic says "A maintenance book can tell your dad all he needs to know about boat care so he can stay up-to-date on any changes he may need to make and know when to upgrade or replace boats."

  • Maintenance book: Taking care of a boat ensures a long lifetime. A maintenance book can tell your dad all he needs to know about boat care so he can stay up-to-date on any changes he may need to make and know when to upgrade or replace boat boats. 

Gifts for Soaking in the Sun

Sunny days are perfect for soaking in the warmth on the water. Days turn into afternoons and evenings quickly when boating, and the sun's kiss as it fades is one of the most beautiful feelings. If your father is a sun-loving boater, you can enhance his sunny days by gifting him these ideas:

  • An umbrella or awning: When your father wants to enjoy the sun but wants to be able to escape to the shade, an umbrella or awning will do the trick. This way, he can enjoy the beautiful weather while taking breaks from the sun every now and then. 
  • Sunscreen: One of the most essential parts of sun safety is wearing protective, water-safe sunscreen to prevent skin damage. Encourage your dad to get some sun in the safest way possible.
  • A rambler: It can be easy to forget to stay hydrated while soaking up the sun, but having a rambler can make it much easier. Yeti drinkware can help keep water cool for hours, ensuring your dad always has a refreshing sip waiting for him. 

Making Splashes With Water Boating Gifts

A graphic with images of a waterproof bag, a waterproof speaker, and a floating key fob on it that reads "Admiring the water from a boat can be peaceful and fun, but taking a swim can also be refreshing. If your dad likes getting closer to the water by jumping in or taking a tour on a kayak, these gifts are excellent options."

Admiring the water from a boat can be peaceful and fun, but taking a swim can also be refreshing. If your dad likes getting closer to the water by jumping in or taking a tour on a kayak, these gifts are excellent options:

  • Waterproof bags: waterproof duffle or bag can ensure your father's items stay dry when he's getting in touch with the water. He can store his bag in his kayak or leave it on his boat while knowing he'll be able to reach in for dry clothes, towels and other items. 
  • Floating key fob: For fathers who forget their keys are in their pockets, a floating key fob is a thoughtful gift that might make them laugh. If they ever jump in without checking their pockets or drop their keys as they're preparing for a water venture, this fob will inflate so he can quickly find them in the water. 
  • Waterproof speaker: Whether your dad wants to time the paddle strokes to the music or enjoy his favorite song while floating down the river, a waterproof speaker will let him keep the tunes bumping all day long. Some versions are suitable for direct water contact, while others can be great boat additions to hear the songs from every corner. 

Gifts to Keep in Touch on the Boat

Having a way to communicate can help prevent accidents and ensure your dad has safe travels. Help your dad keep in touch by gifting one of these communication tools:

  • VHF antenna: Finding a VHF antenna for your father ensures he can receive and transmit signals from his television, radio and similar devices. This is a great way for him to keep in touch with other boaters and can be his most useful tool in the event of an emergency. 
  • VHF radio: Pair the antenna above with a VHF radio. These radios have compact designs, so it's easy to move and use. They're also waterproof, so you can rely on them to offer communication, even in wet conditions. 
  • Emergency antenna: Emergency antennas provide easy access to emergency assistance. These are excellent in case the primary antenna fails or breaks, giving your dad another means of communication. When he's not using it, he can easily store it away and access it whenever there's an emergency on the water. 

Helping Dad Navigate the Water 

Your father might not always have a destination when he steps on board, but having navigation tools can help him find unique locations and ensure he can easily find his way back home. Check out these navigation gifts for your father's boat:


A graphic with a nautical compass on it that reads "A quality compass will provide accurate directions so your dad always knows where he is coming from and where he's heading."

  • Compass: Any ship should have a compass on board. A quality compass will provide accurate directions so your dad always knows where he is coming from and where he's heading. He can travel freely, knowing he won't get lost, and you can rest assured he'll sail back to you every day.
  • Binoculars: Whether your father wants to watch marine life in their natural habitat or birdwatch from the deck, a pair of binoculars is a great gift. Marine binoculars have waterproofing so your dad can enjoy the view at any time of the day, no matter where he's viewing. 
  • Charts and cruising guides: Encourage your dad to explore some places he's never been before with some charts and cruising guides. These helpful tools will guide him on the water and lead him down new waterways with the help of accurate maps. 

Weather Gifts for Boating Dads 

Keeping an eye on the weather will let your father know when he can hit the waves, when to come back to shore and how long he can enjoy the open view before needing to turn around. Help him stay out of the rain and protect his boat with these gifts:

  • Marine watch: Marine watches can help your dad time his voyages so he knows when the weather might get too cool or if conditions could become too harsh for boating. Some also display the weather and provide insight into the upcoming conditions, including alerts for incoming storms or cool temperatures. You can also find some that provide information on tidal waves so your father can be extra prepared. 
  • Boat cover: Taking the time to cover the boat when your father isn't using it will prolong its life by ensuring it's protected from the natural elements. A quality boat cover is a convenient way to repel dirt and water when your father isn't using his boat. The tight fit creates a comfortable seal that lets the boat breathe without trapping heat so he can enjoy his next voyage with a clean, dry interior and deck. 

A graphic with a boat analog and digital antenna on it that reads "Utilizing a boat-friendly TV antenna will let your father tune into local stations to watch news and weather reports on the water."

Boating Gift Options by Price

We've also got some great selections if you're working with a price range. You can find high-quality Father's Day boating gifts that meet any of your budget needs. Below, you'll find gifts broken into three categories, so you can add a little extra surprise to pair with your other gifts or find ideas for big senders who want to make a big splash.

Gifts for Under $50

Finding a boating gift for your father can be challenging if you don't know what he needs or wants. These gifts under $50 are great for people who want to show their support for their father's hobbies without making a large investment. These gifts are under $50 from Fawcett Boat Supplies:

  • Sunglasses: nice pair of sunglasses will reduce the glare on the water and protect your dad's eyes from the sun's rays. He'll be better able to see where he's going and relieve his eyes from bright spots reflecting off the water. They also offer a fashionable way to cruise. 
  • Bottle key: If your dad enjoys a cold brew while sailing the open water, this bottle key will come in handy. It's made of stainless steel and has a compact design, convenient for storing in the galley or his wallet. 
  • Gloves: There may be instances when your father has to cut some rope, prepare bait and otherwise ready items on the boat. When these times arise, having a pair of three-season gloves will protect his hands for a more enjoyable experience.
  • Cruising log: boat cruising log has a guest registry so everyone who steps onboard can record their names and the date and reference boat rules and regulations. 

A graphic with an offshore knife on it that reads "Make it easier for your father to cut fishing line, prep fish, and perform other routine tasks by gifting him an offshore knife."

  • Offshore knife: Make it easier for your father to cut fishing line, prep fish and perform other routine tasks by gifting him an offshore knife. This knife has high visibility, a soft grip, corrosion resistance and a lock blade, among other features. 
  • Rambler mug: When your father wants to take a warm cup of coffee on his morning voyages, a rambler mug is a perfect gift. A 14-ounce travel mug can keep food and drink warm or cold so he can enjoy his favorite tastes at the temperature he enjoys. 
  • Gift card: When you don't know what to get your boat-loving father figure, a gift card is always a great option. You can find Fawcett Boat Supplies gift cards so he can grab the supplies he needs and wants. With a gift card to our store, you know your dad will be able to find something he loves, whether that's hardware pieces and communication devices or outdoor living essentials and water recreation.

Gifts Under $150

If you have a broader budget, you can find exciting and unique Father's Day gifts between $50 and $150. Here are some of the best gifts in this price range from Fawcett Boat Supplies:

  • Jackets: Even on the warmest days, water can create a cool breeze. A fleece jacket is an excellent gift if your father enjoys taking his boat out on the water during mild winter weather or in the evenings when the air is cooler. 

A graphic with adjustable tech shorts on it that reads "Adjustable tech shorts can protect your father during outdoor weather activities, whether he enjoys paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking or something else.

  • UV tech shorts: Adjustable tech shorts can protect your father during outdoor activities, whether he enjoys paddle boarding, sailing, kayaking or something else. These shorts are abrasion resistant and quick-drying, so he can move in comfort all day long. 
  • Brim hat: A broad brim offers face protection from water, dirt and sun rays. Our boater-friendly airflow hat has a hidden pocket, buoyancy and mesh ventilation for convenience and comfort. 
  • Grill tool set: For fathers who like to cook on the boat, this grill tool set provides everything he needs to stay a safe distance from the heat while cooking delicious meals for themselves and their guests. These tools have stainless steel materials, soft handles for an easy grip and a design that lets your dad adjust them to three different sizes.


  • Gifts Over $150

    Your father figure deserves the best, and when the price isn't an issue, there are some incredible gift options on the market. Check out these gifts over $150 from Fawcett Boat Supplies:

    • Analog watch: stylish and practical analog watch comes with a wide range of features your dad will enjoy. It has a stainless steel case for a sleek look and offers lightweight wear at only 3.2 ounces. Your father can time his swim sessions or voyages while having peace of mind about its waterproof abilities.

A graphic with a sailing jacket on it that reads "A sailing jacket with a hood offers windproof and waterproof features that can enhance your father's experience on the water."

  • Sailing jacket: A sailing jacket with a hood offers windproof and waterproof features that can enhance your father's experience on the water. He can sail in comfort and style with mesh lining and breathable materials. 
  • Spare battery: An extra battery might not seem like a fun gift, but it's one of the most practical, and it can save your father hassle in the future. Along with ensuring your dad will never get stranded due to a dead battery, you can also save him a trip to the store or the wait from ordering online when he needs a new one.
  • Boat shoes: Nothing makes the boating experience easier than a comfortable pair of boating shoes to take the strain off your dad's feet. A pair of gold cup boat shoes have shock absorption, anti-shock and vibration technology and a lambskin inside for comfort. Not to mention, these stylish shoes will help your father stand out while he's standing up. 
  • Inflatable boat: Maybe your father is just beginning his boating journey or has a passion for the water but doesn't have his own vessel. Although this gift is the most expensive on our list, it's a delightful surprise you can share with other family members to create lasting memories for years. Ask your siblings or cousins to chip in and gift an inflatable boat so your father can enjoy the water the way he loves most. 

An image of a dad at the helm of a sailboat wearing sunglasses and a straw hat that says "Find the best Father's Day Boating Gifts from Fawcett Boat Supplies."

Find the Best Father's Day Boating Gifts From Fawcett Boat Supplies

Fawcett Boat Supplies is one of the largest outboard and inflatable dealers in the mid-Atlantic, making us your go-to stop for all things boating supplies. You'll find hundreds of products to enhance the boating experience. We offer high-quality hardware, supplies, accessories, clothing and more to give you and your family the water experience you expect and deserve. 

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for Father's Day, you want excellent quality and exceptional results. You'll always have boating gift ideas with Fawcett Boat Supplies. Shop our products now to find the perfect gift for the outstanding father figure in your life. 

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