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Marine First Aid Kits

Like many forms of recreation, boating comes with the risk of injury. Sharp edges and hard surfaces can lead to scrapes, bruises and other minor wounds. When you're far from shore, it may not be possible to return to buy gauze or visit an emergency room immediately. Keeping a first aid kit on your boat can ensure you have supplies available when injuries occur.

At Fawcett Boat Supplies, we have been helping customers enjoy their time out on the water since 1948. We believe having the proper safety supplies is essential to making your boat trip enjoyable. Whether going out for the day or taking a longer journey, we have United States Coast Guard (USCG) first aid kits to serve your needs.

Choosing the Right Kit for You

Choosing a suitable first aid kit for your boat depends on various factors. Also, being on a boat can change your first aid needs. Consider whether you're a daytripper or often take longer trips. Daytrippers can use first aid kits, which mainly treat minor injuries, while those traveling farther should have a boat medical kit with supplies to treat common illnesses and more severe injuries.

Another consideration when choosing a first aid kit is that it should be waterproof. Even if you store your gear in a safe place, it's more likely to get wet while you're at sea. You may also want to consider a modular design. These first aid kits sort supplies into separate bags based on the conditions they can address to help you find what you need quickly. Your kit should prepare you for:

  • Blisters
  • Sunburns
  • Cuts
  • Seasickness
  • Sprains
  • Fractures

The Kits We Offer

Fawcett Boat Supplies offers various boat first aid kits to suit a wide range of water enthusiasts. Whether you take your boat out for a morning fishing trip or frequently take voyages over several days, you can find a first aid kit to suit your needs. Here are the kits we offer:

  • Orion Daytripper First Aid Kit: This kit consists of a waterproof nylon pouch that can be worn on a belt or affixed to a wall and treats cuts and scrapes.
  • Adventure Medical Marine 200: This modular kit contains supplies to treat bleeding, burns and sprains and includes various medications.
  • Orion Weekender First Aid Kit: This kit is a good option for those spending several days on the water because it includes wound treatment and medications.
  • Marine 600 Medical Kit: If you're offshore for a long journey, this kit is your best option with a wide range of medical supplies.

We Want to Keep You Safe

Like you, we love getting out on the water, but as seasoned boaters, we know that injuries can happen and preparation is crucial. We're here to help you. Our team has the expertise and quality gear you need. 

Get a Boat Medical Kit Today

If your current medical kit doesn't serve your marine first aid needs or you're buying a first aid kit for the first time, browse our online store. Pick out a first aid or medical kit for your boat to serve your needs today.

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