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Rain Drain ports are designed for use where cabin sides are sloped, and other ports would collect rain and spray.
The molded in Rain Drain™ channels drain while tipped as much as 40°. They resist clogging and are easy to clean.
No water enters the boat when you open the port after a rain.
Beckson plastic portlights have a long history of excellent service and superior design

They feature no corrosion, no condensation, no leaks, and no waterfall when you open the port.
• Screen and exterior trim ring are included
• Replacement parts are readily available
• All Beckson Opening Ports are CE approved
• For replacing existing portlights, Beckson Fixed and Opening Ports are engineered to standard mounting hole sizes for interchangeability with other manufacturer's ports

Selection and Installation —
• In choosing the size of a portlight for new construction, it is generally best to mount the largest port possible — for more light and better ventilation
• The slope of the mounting location will dictate the type of port required — standard Beckson Self-Draining ports for near vertical mounting (to 15° max.), or Rain Drain ports for larger angle mounting
• To determine the spigot length (depth) to order, estimate the hull or cabin wall thickness, and select a spigot at least that deep. Both portlight styles come in 1" or 2" spigot depths. Spigots should be trimmed flush with a fine toothed saw after installation for best drainage.
• Note that the thicker the cabin wall thickness, the smaller the slope where Rain Drain ports will self-drain — a 1" spigot has a maximum drain angle of 40°, while a 2" spigot has a maximum drain angle of 24°
• Use silicone sealant as sealant for its superior gasket forming properties


  • Maximum Drain Angle: 40°
  • Color: White Frame/Clear Lens
  • Size: 4" x 14"
  • Spigot Depth: 1"

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