C-Level Dinghy-Lift For Davits

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CLE 8856

C-Level Dinghy-Lift™ For Davits

The Dinghy-Lift for Davits™ is specifically designed as a lifting harness for inflatables to be raised/stored by a set of davits. It features two-lifting points, and four adjustable (from 10” to 24”) nylon webbing legs. Each leg is fitted with stainless adjustable buckles to help balance the boat when lifting, and stainless snap hooks for attaching to your boats’ lifting eyes.

Each lifting harness includes a 10’ long Retainer Strap which adjusts to help steady the boat while lifting or when underway.

The 3,800 lb. break-strength webbing gives a safe working load of 400 lbs. And will not scratch or harm inflatable fabrics as wire harnesses do.

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