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Finally, a true one-to-one, rough service LED replacement for 120/240V AC 60W, Medium Prefocus P28S base incandescent bulbs for 6 nautical mile navigation lights.

Prefocus bulbs have bases which ensure that the bulb filament or LED light source is in a specific orientation with respect to the light fixture's lens when seated in the socket. This is a common requirement for certain vehicle and navigation lights. Prefocus sockets come in several sizes such as Medium and Mogul.

This LED bulb is specially designed as a direct replacement for the 120/240V medium prefocus bulbs used in Perko and Aqua Signal navigation lights for vessels over 20 meters. See below for specifics.

This high-quality, long lasting LED bulb eliminates having to frequently replace short service life incandescent bulbs.
Developed by Dr. LED at the request of the USCG to improve the reliability of their navigation lights that use P28S bulbs, and to eliminate the often hazardous task of having to replace incandescent P28S bulbs while underway. This bulb has also been chosen by the US Navy for use in their P28S bulb navigation lights.
It is the only USCG certified after-market replacement P28S LED bulb currently available.


• High-power LED, 6 NM certified visibility in clear lens fixtures, 3 NM in fixtures with colored lenses
• Long service life increases vessel safety and reliability
• Shock-resistant, and ultra-rugged with no filament to break or burn out
• Only draws 8 Watts of power (60W incandescent equivalent); 880 lumens
• Replaces Perko 120/240V AC 60W Fig. 0342004CLR and 0342RSCLR (Rough Service) incandescent bulbs
• Replaces Aqua Signal 110/230V AC 60W 90400172 and 90400173 incandescent bulbs
• Lead and mercury free; no UV output
• Dimensions: 119mm (4.7") tall x 38mm (1.5") diameter
• Certified to USCG COLREG 1972 (IMO) and UL1104:1998 standards

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