Forespar Marelube Liquid Bottle 16oz

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Liquid MareLube

Liquid MareLube is designed for valves where access is difficult or convenience is desired.  Simply pour Liquid MareLube into the system through the valve tailpipe or hose, and activate the handle of the valve or seacock.

Liquid MareLube is specially formulated using advanced PTFE lubrication technology designed to keep marine valve seals and balls working smoothly.  Designed to be used when the boat is hauled and for those valves in difficult areas to reach and service.

All marine valves and seacocks require regular lubrication and regular activation of the handle.  This application of MareLube™ should ideally occur and the beginning and end of every boating season.  Not lubricating regularly - especially when they are hard to reach – can lead to equipment failure and worse.

Pour Liquid MareLube into the closed valve, or the hose going to the valve, and then work the valve handle as the MareLube runs through it.  This action will draw lubrication into the seals and around the ball.  Best if you can plug the thru-hull from the outside and use a bucket to capture the run-off for re-use.


This is a true Readily Biodegradable and biorenewable liquid lubricant.  A blend of high quality biodegradable USA grown vegetable oils, treated with the most effective anti-oxidants, and PTFE micropowder.  Contains no phenols, VOC’s, ozone depleting chemicals, SARA Title 313 chemicals, heavy metals, greenhouse gases, or Prop. 65 Chemicals.  Dispose of used product properly and do not discharge into waters.


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