Forespar MF 810 Water Strainer

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MF 810 Water Strainer

This water strainer is made of Marelon® (same material as our valves). It features a new universal mounting bracket and clear polycarbonate lid for ready inspection. The stainless steel strainer basket can be easily removed for cleaning. Intake and exit ports are 1-1/2" (38.10mm) ANP threads standard. Reducers for 3/4" (19.05mm) I.D. hose are available seperately. Diameter: 6.3" (160.02mm) Height: 6.1" (154.94mm) . The flow rate is 40 GPM (151.41l/m) with 1-1/2" (38.10mm) ports. (See reducers and adapters shown lower on this page). The new mounting bracket allows the strainer exit port to be positioned in the proper direction by simply loosing the bracket clamp and rotating the entire housing. This will allow the OEM or aftermarket customer greater flexibility in installation. These strainers are ideal for raw water engine cooling intakes, generator intakes or any inlet that needs a general filter to help with eel grass and other debris in the water that can clog lines and damage impellors or pumps. To make cleaning easier, it is advisable to have a valve on both the inlet side AND the outlet side to be able to completely isolate the strainer before removing the lid for cleaning.

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