Forespar Raw Water Strainer T-150 1-1/2" Female Straight Thread Ports

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T-150 Raw Water Strainer

1-1/2" Female Straight Thread Ports

The 150 raw water strainers have 1-1/2" female NPSM (parallel threads) ports to which you can attach a straight or 90° Forespar hose barb tailpipe as needed. Marelon reducers are available to go from 1-1/2" hose to 3/4" hose, if needed.
Maximum 150 psi @' 70 °F and 100 psi @ 125 °F. Not designed for pressure spikes exceeding maximum psi. Up to 25" Hg vacuum.

The included mounting bracket requires two (2) 1/4" fasteners (not included) to firmly mount to a bulk head or stringer, and allows the "T" head to be rotated as needed. A flat washer under the fastener heads is recommended.

A seacock is required on the intake thru-hull in the hull, and it is advisable to have an inline valve on the back side (outlet) as well so the unit can be completely isolated for basket removal and cleaning without having backflow spillage into your bilge.
The "T" head should be above the waterline.

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