Fortress 7 lb. FX-11AS Anchor System w/Rope & Chain


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Fortress FX-11 Anchor 7 lb. Anchor System w/Rope & Chain

Whether used as a primary anchor or conveniently-stowed backup, Fortress Marine Anchors are well-known for their exceptional holding capability. Two large, precision-machined and sharpened flukes ensure that Fortress anchors set fast and dig deep. Unlike others, they're easily adjusted from a 32 angle for use in sand and clay to 45 for soft mud. Unique Mud Palms are included to optimize setting performance in problem soft bottoms.

  • FX-11 Anchor
  • 1/4" Shackle
  • 15' of G-30 1/4" Chain
  • 250' of 3/8" Rope


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