Maxwell Control AA320 Hand Held

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AA320 Hand Held Control

Maxwell offers a series of AutoAnchor windlass control products which can be used on any windlass.
The AA730 is a wire-connected hand held windlass control with rode counter that is ideal for mobile use at the windlass, especially if vision from the helm station is obstructed.

• Use for windlasses, thrusters, davits, and other marine equipment
• Heavy duty 15 ft (4.5m) coiled cable with connectors
• Electrical protection against back-EMF
• Rubber molding fro shock protection and grip
• Stowage cradle
• Can be used in addition to other AutoAnchor control products
• Suitable for all windlass types - DC, AC and hydraulic
• IP67 rated - able to withstand temporary immersion

What's in the box — Hand held AA730 console, IP67 watertight deck socket with 6-1/2 ft seal wire leads for connection to windlass 12/24 volt control circuitry

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