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Navisafe Headlamp NEW

The new Navisafe Headlamp contains all functions needed to make it the Sailor’s first choice: a red light to preserve night vision, a white floodlight to light the whole sail, and an ultra-powerful distance light shining up to 70 m plus tilt function for exact and comfortable beam positioning. It weighs only 68 g including the single AA Battery. The Headlamp is IPX6 classified and withstands heavy splashing and rain.

Navisafe Smart Mode Switch:

  • Press and hold for 0.5 s to activate the red light. If the red light is ON for more than 3 PRESS the switch again and the light turns OFF
  • To activate the white light PRESS and HOLD for 0.5 s and activate the red light, PRESS again quickly and enter into white light mode
  • PRESS again quickly to get to the next mode
  • In ANY mode: PRESS and HOLD for 1.5 s to turn light OFF


The Navisafe Headlamp is the best choice when a hands free operation is needed, for any kind of repair or maintenance on deck. Comfortable reading of the map or a book, either within the red light mode, preserving the night vision or within the 7 lumen Floodlight mode, making it bright and comfortable to read.

While fishing, leaving the hands free to set up lines, organize gear or all kinds of further use.


  • Ultra bright CREE LED headlamp
  • 5 lighting modes incl. red light
  • Small and light – only 48 g (without battery)
  • Multi-position tilt function
  • IPX6 waterproof
  • powered by one AA battery
  • Size: L = 63 mm, W =  37 mm, H = 31mm
  • Weight (net): 48 g


  • Model name: Navisafe Headlamp
  • Model nr.: 220
  • EAN Barcode: 7090017580650

Modes / approximate burn time:

  • red LED floodlight, 7 Lumen / 20 hrs
  • white LED floodlight, 14 Lumen / 14 hrs
  • white CREE LED distance light, 30 Lumen / 12 hrs
  • white CREE LED distance light, 110 Lumen / 8 hrs
  • white CREE LED flash light / 50 hrs

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