Scandvik Flexible Hose Clamp 7mm Nut Driver 10"

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Scandvik Flexible Hose Clamp 7mm Nut Driver 10"

The flexible screwdriver makes installation easy. Tighten or loosen clamps on any angle up to 90° without slippage. Designed for 9/32nd (7 mm) hex head screw for all ABA hose clamps. Flexible double-wound steel spiral is corrosion protected. Handle made of high impact plastic.

This flexible nut driver, always found in the standard kits of ABA stainless steel hose clamp nuts, is so popular that Scandvik now offers it separately. Its sturdy, flexible shaft allows a 90-degree angle. Using the ABA flexible nutdriver you can even reach around corners without slipping. It is even prefitted with a 9/32" (7mm) hex driver so no further need to hunt for the right size socket.

Fits ABA original series and mini clamps

Features 9/32" (7mm) hex drive attachment


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