Trident Low Pressure Propane Appliance Connection Kit

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Low Pressure Propane Appliance

Connection Kit

Use to Add a Propane Heater to Your On-Board Propane System
Use this adaptor hose and the included fittings to add a propane appliance without a built-in regulator, such as a propane heater, to your existing propane system.
Install this conversion kit between the outlet of the tank regulator (or solenoid, if used) and the existing LPG supply line to your built-in appliance (stove).

• Fully assembled and leak tested
• Solid brass: tee, ball valve and adapters
• Includes 10 foot, UL Listed, high pressure LPG hose with 3/8" female swivel flare fittings each end (ball valve and flare tee attached at one end)
• If used to add a BBQ to your onboard system, requires replacing the BBQ regulator with a low pressure control valve; we recommend the easier method of using a high pressure adaptor hose and tee fitting, such as T/R 42421-72 and T/R G415, instead.

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