Whale Twist Deck Shower, H/C


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Whale Twist Deck Shower

Transom/ deck showers for boats of all shapes and sizes

Whale has led the way in deck shower design since the 1980s. Today, the range includes metal/polypropylene models in mixer or cold only options.

The award winning Whale Twist deck shower is a radical innovation in deck showers. The Twist puts control in your hands with it's unique handset incorporating temperature and flow control in a single easy to use unit.


A Radical Innovation in Deck Showers -Putting control in your hands.


Unique Integrated Handset:

  • Incorporates shower temperature and flow controls
  • Easy to use-streamlined ergonomic design
  • High quality UV resistant ASA materials


No Lids or Covers:

  • Deck Protect™ End Cap creates a splash-proof seal


Mounts in Convenient Locations:
Housing options offer a choice of horizontal or vertical mounting on a flat or curved surface


Ease of installation:
The new Whale Twist™ Deck Shower is quick and easy to install. It is available with either a chrome straight housing, or a white angled housing, both of which require only a single circular hole to be drilled.


All Whale Twist™ Deck Shower models are easy to plumb. Mixer models include a temporary shut off valve as standard.

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