AwlGrip AwlCare Polymer Sealer, Gallon

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AwlGrip AwlCare Polymer Sealer, Gallon

Formulated to clean and protect AwlGrip topcoats.

A non-abrasive, synthetic polymer that is applied by hand and formulated to clean and protect Awlgrip topcoats. One pint coats 450 square feet. Two initial coats are recommended.

Key Features 

  • Contains no harsh abrasives, will not scratch the painted surface
  • Leaves a non-yellowing, protective polymer coating
  • Lasts through multiple washings
  • Removes mild stains such as water spots and diesel soot
  • With regular applications, increases resistance to attack from acid rain and other environmental pollutants
  • Non-abrasive, synthetic polymer formula
  • For hand application


  • Recommended Usage: Temporarily seals and restores shine to painted surfaces that have become porous 
  • Configuration: Non-Yellowing polymer sealer for Awlgrip and Awlcraft 2000 
  • Coverage: 1 pint covers 450 sq.ft. with one coat (two initial coats recommended)

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