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Inflatable Boat Registration Numbers

Boat registration numbers are similar to a car's license plate. Every motorized boat needs them so that the government can identify ownership. In Maryland, you can register your boat at a physical Department of Natural Resources (DNR) location or fill out a form available online and mail it in. After registration, your next step is to apply the numbers to your boat so that you can safely bring it out on the water. 

Due to the flexible upper ring of inflatable boats and rigid inflatable boats, finding numbers that can stick to the material is difficult. Fawcett Boat Supplies offers two varieties of easy-to-apply boat numbers.

Installing Registration Numbers on Your Boat

After you buy registration numbers for inflatable boats, you can install them in four steps:

  1. Tape off the area where you plan to affix the numbers and sand it slightly to create a rough surface.
  2. Wash the area with soap and cleanse with alcohol to remove soap residue.
  3. Position the number decal or stencils in the desired position.
  4. Attach the numbers. If the numbers are a decal, press them to the boat's surface, then use a hard plastic piece to smooth them down. For stenciled numbers, apply the paint with a brush and let it dry.

The Supplies Fawcett Boat Supplies Offers

If you need inflatable boat supplies, you've come to the right place. Fawcett Boat Supplies has everything you need to safely outfit your boat for the water, including boat letters and numbers to display your boat registration information. We offer:

  • Custom Inflatable Boat Registration Numbers: These polyester numbers have a super-stick adhesive backing that affixes securely to your boat's PVC or Hypalon® material. The decals with your craft to resist peeling.
  • MDR Inflatable Boat Numbering Kit: This set comes with stencils for every letter and every number from zero to nine. The paint comes in white or black with a paintbrush. Application instructions are included in the kit.
  • 3M Sealant 5200: This tan sealant can provide a firm, rubbery seal on joints and boat hardware above and below your vessel's waterline and remains strong through vibration and shock. It has many boat applications.

Why Buy Products From Us?

Fawcett Boat Supplies has served a wide range of boating enthusiasts, from paddlers to racers, since 1948. We have boats and boating supplies to help every boater launch their craft into the water. Here are a few other reasons to buy your boat numbers and other supplies from us:

  • Expert advice: With years of experience, we can help you find the product that will work best for your boat. That dedication includes recommending the numbers that will stick the best.
  • Supplies from top brands: Our registration numbers come from leading suppliers. You can be sure they're high-quality options for your boat.
  • Everything in one place: Getting a new boat is a fun experience once you equip it with the essentials. Fawcett Boat Supplies has registration numbers, safety equipment and more, so you can stock up on all the necessities.

Equip Your Boat for the Water With Our Help

Our online store makes it easy to find the supplies you need. Browse our products and add inflatable boat registration number decals or a painting kit to your shopping cart today.

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