Bete-Fleming Flagstaff Fiberglass "Pig Stick" Tapered 5' Up to 24" Burgee


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Bete-Fleming Non-Fouling Flagstaff "Pig Sticks"

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These Non-fouling Flagstaffs are for the proper "wearing" of your club burgee or house flag aloft. We offer two basic types, tapered and straight shaft and a choice of two materials, fiberglass and wood.

Tapered Shaft - Wood/Fiberglass
Rugged, light weight, with the beauty of a tapered shaft. These flagstaffs are of varnished birch or smooth glossy finished fiberglass. Rigid brass swivels turn with ease to prevent fouling and also add the traditional look. Wood flagstaffs are 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet overall. Fiberglass flagstaffs are 3 to 13 feet.

Straight Shaft Wood (Birch)
These varnished straight grain birch staffs are perfect for the lighter duty of smaller boats. They have the same brass swivels for prevention of fouling.

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