The Best Gifts for Boaters


boater steering a boat

Shopping for a boater is fun, and you can find many exciting gifts they'll love. Between fishers, swimmers, party throwers, explorers, lake lovers and sports enthusiasts, there are tons of gifts and supplies on the market you can find. 

Our comprehensive list has some of the best gifts you can find for your boat-loving friend, no matter their interests. You can find a little bit of everything on this list of fun nautical gifts. Keep reading to discover how to make a big splash the next time you're in a gift-giving mood.

Safety Boating Gifts

Safety should always be your boater friend's top priority. Lakes and oceans can be unpredictable, and proper preparation can be the difference between an easy trip and a disaster. Check out these safety gifts for your boater friend:

  • Spare battery: There are many stories about fishers and boaters becoming stranded during storms because their battery died. A spare battery is an essential safety gift that will ensure your boater is always prepared and ready for whatever comes next. 
  • Survival kit: You never know when you'll need a first-aid kit, so boaters should always have one on hand. You can find safety kits of all different kinds. Stock your boater up with any supplies they might need. 
  • Life vests: Keeping life jackets and vests onboard is one of the best safety measures in the event of an emergency. Traditional vests can be less expensive but don't always provide the necessary use in emergencies. Invest in high-quality life vests for your boater and consider a pet vest if they like to bring their furry friends on their vessel. 

boater gifts for sailing include a spill-proof tumbler, sailing gloves, and a sailor's knife

Boater Gifts for Sailing

Sailors spend a lot of time preparing and maintaining the deck while on the water. To make the sailing process easier and help cut time off some regular processes, here are some fantastic gift ideas:

  • Spill-proof tumbler: When sailors are on the water, they don't want to worry about loose items falling over and creating a mess. With unpredictable waves and people moving around, having a spill-proof tumbler is a great way to ensure there are no drink-related messes. A cup with a tight lid is a great gift for your friends and family who enjoy boating. 
  • Sailing gloves: Finding a good pair of sailing gloves that provide durability, comfort and grip for your boater is easy. These gloves protect your hands when pulling lines, moving equipment and other routine tasks. You can find some for winter and summer weather conditions to fully meet your boater's needs. 
  • Sailor's knife: Sailors constantly deal with ropes while boating, and they have to know how and when to cut them. A heavy-duty sailor's knife is an excellent tool that makes dealing with ropes much easier. 

Party Boat Gifts

Inviting guests for an evening on the water can create beautiful and lasting memories. With the calm, dark water and the light of the stars to guide you, these experiences are unforgettable. For your party-loving friend, these gifts will stand out:

  • Guest book: guest book is an excellent gift if your boating friend loves inviting new people and old friends on their vessel. Your boater can ask guests to write their names and the date in the book and leave a message about events they participated in while on board. Everyone can reflect on the memories well after the parties are over. 
  • Wine glass rack: If your boating friend enjoys hosting parties for guests over 21, an overhead wine glass rack is a great gift. A wine glass rack ensures boaters are ready to entertain at any time and keeps fragile glassware from breaking when stored on a countertop. 
  • Charcuterie board: Few crowd-pleasers can top a beautiful and delicious charcuterie board. Your boater can use their charcuterie board time and time again and think of you every time they host an event and welcome new friends on board. A high-quality serving tray should do the trick.

Storage Gifts for Boat Owners

Keeping a clean deck and knowing where to find supplies can create seamless and relaxing experiences on the water. If your boater is running out of space or could use an organizational upgrade, these gifts are sure to help:

  • Waterproof pack: Whether your friend is looking for a way to keep their contents dry while kayaking, needs a bag they can rely on when it rains or wants to ensure expensive equipment has an extra layer of protection from the elements, a waterproof pack is an excellent storage gift
  • Deck organizers: These gifts are great for clearing clutter and giving every item a purposeful location. A deck organizer allows your boater to find the best place for their tools, equipment and supplies while maximizing the walking space and keeping their areas clean and tidy. 

Boat accessory gifts include sunglasses, vests & jackets, and boat shoes

Boat Accessories Gifts

Being on the water can be luxurious, no matter what activities your boater enjoys. For style inspiration to enhance their time on the boat, consider these accessory gifts:

  • Sunglasses: new pair of sunglasses can help boaters see what they're doing and where they're going on the water. Sunglasses minimize the glare from the sun and on the water so your boater can better enjoy their time outdoors without strain. 
  • Vests and jackets: The water can make the temperature seem colder, and the evenings and nights can get especially chilly. Help your boater stay warm by gifting them a jacket or insulated vest for those cool nights on the water. 
  • Boat shoes: new pair of boat shoes are more than a stylish accessory to complete an outfit. Boat shoes have lightweight designs and waterproof rubber to maximize boating comfort. Boaters can have fun and get wet while staying comfortable. 

Boat Gifts for Fishers

Fishing can be a relaxing hobby, a source of income or the beginning of a seafood dinner. Either way, there are tons of ways you can help your fisher friend spend less time cleaning and preparing and more time doing what they love. Consider these gifts:

  • Fishfinder tool: Increase the chances your fishing friend always steps off their ship with a catch to show off by gifting them a fishfinder gadget. Fishfinder tools use high-frequency pitches to map out where fish are biting. Some of these gadgets allow your friend to create personal maps so they can document their favorite and most successful fishing spots. 
  • Fishing pole organizer: If your boating friend has a collection of poles and needs a convenient way to store them, an organizer is an excellent choice. Your boater won't have to trip over their equipment as they make their way across the deck, and they can rest assured that they'll never tangle the lines again.
  • Bait and filet table: This handy tool sits on the boat's edge. It has tiny holes over the water, so your boater can prepare fish or bait with ease of mind that there will be minimal cleanup.

Boater Exploration Gifts 

Exploring the open water is exhilarating. The feeling of independently navigating the world is thrilling and worthwhile. Whether your boater is exploring new local spots or traveling the coast for a taste of wonder, these gifts can help them craft safe and easy experiences:

  • Compass: For those who enjoy the open water with no direction, a compass is a must-have piece of equipment. You can find fully functional compasses in many styles, so you can always reflect your boater's taste while keeping them safe. 
  • Captain log book: Those who like keeping track of where they've been can keep detailed records of their travels in a captain log book. They can note the course they're taking and relay their thoughts, opinions and experiences. 
  • Binoculars: With a solid pair of binoculars, boaters who enjoy exploration will be able to see the world around them as if it's up close. 

Relaxing Gifts for Boat Owners

Sitting in the sunshine away from the rest of the world offers a sense of solitude and peace that can be hard to find. If boating is a relaxing activity for your friend or family member, these gifts will enhance their experience and help them soak up the sun with ease:

  • Marine bar caddy: If you know a boater who likes to make a cocktail on the open water, a marine bar caddy will enhance their onboard experience. It holds flat when you use it, and you can place mixers, solo cups, liquor and garnishes for easy grabbing and enjoying. 
  • Portable light: Relaxing ventures aren't just for the daytime. Evening cruises offer a sense of solace and serenity, but it's essential that boaters can see where they're going. An LED light helps them navigate back to shore with minimal issues so they can stay on the water as late as they want. 
  • Drink holder: There's no better way to encourage relaxation than with a heavy-duty drink holder. A drink holder can be mounted to the side of a boat for extra convenience, ensuring their drink stays within sight. 

boat cleaning gifts and supplies include all-purpose sponges, fisherman soap, and water stain remover

Boat Cleaning Gifts and Supplies

Cleaning probably isn't the most enjoyable part of the boating experience, but it is one of the most essential. Reducing tripping hazards and keeping pieces in tip-top shape will help your boater keep their vessel in the best condition possible and make it more enjoyable to get out of the water. Check out these cleaning supplies for your boater:

  • All-purpose sponges: If you've ever used magic erasers, you already know the power behind them. However, all-purpose boating sponges have more power and can better aid with spot cleaning to pull out dirt, stains and mildew. These cleaners only need water to work and don't rely on harsh chemicals like bleach, making them excellent for a wide variety of surfaces. 
  • Fisherman soap: Your fishing friend can wash away their human scent from their lures by using fisherman soap. The product in this soap, anise, resembles black licorice, and fish love it. On top of drawing more fish attention, the anise cut through fishy fragrances, making it an excellent gift for your fishing friend when they're done on the water. 
  • Water stain remover: Brown stains can quickly form on a boat's waterline if it's frequently in the water. Thankfully, you can remove these stains easily with the right cleaning supplies. Give your boater a supply of cleaner to keep their vessel looking pristine. 

Swimming Gifts for Boaters

Taking a dip can be just as fun as navigating the water. If your friend likes to find the best spot to dive in, these gifts can amplify their time in the water:

  • Swim leggings: These unique pieces have a bathing suit material so wearers can swim comfortably while protecting their legs from the sun and sea life. Having a pair of boat leggings is excellent so your boater can enjoy their days onboard without needing to change into a bathing suit when they want to take a dip.
  • Marine watch: These watches can time swim sessions, provide information about the tide, set anchor alarms and connect to various devices on the ship. Gifting a marine watch can help your boater step up their swim game while thinking of you. 

Gifts for New Boat Owners

Those who have just acquired their boar likely have a long list of supplies they need and want. Necessities and stylish additions can equally create safer and more fun opportunities. If your friend is just beginning their boating journey, help them start on the right foot with these gifts:

  • Captain's hat: A captain hat is a perfect gift for boat owners. Those with a sense of humor will appreciate the kind gesture and the opportunity to show off their skills. People who take their boat and water activities very seriously will also appreciate the chance to command authority and explore the blue in a traditional fashion. 
  • Boat cover: Covers prevent electronics and furniture from damage from the rain and direct sunlight. If your boater has recently purchased their vessel, ensure they can protect their investment with a practical cover. 
  • Boat maintenance books: New boat owners have a lot to learn, and they might appreciate receiving a book about how to take care of their new boat and make the most of their investment. 

gift the best supplies and accessories from Fawcett Boat Supplies

Gift the Best Supplies and Accessories From Fawcett Boat Supplies

Boating is our passion at Fawcett Boating Supplies, so we know all about what gifts your boat-loving friends and family would love. We proudly serve the boating community with high-quality supplies for their boats and boating hobbies. 

When you shop with us, you can access many gifts, accessories, supplies and products that enhance the boating experience. We are one of the largest outboard and inflatable dealers you'll find in the mid-Atlantic region, so you know you'll always find what you're looking for with us. 

We make it easy to find gifts for someone who loves boating. You can shop our boating products for the perfect gift for your boater and help them create lasting memories on the water. 


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