Gear Up for Spring Boating

Boating is fun. For boating enthusiasts, their are many boating products and boat supplies on the market that will help make for a fun and safe boating season.

Our comprehensive list of boat products will help you purchase the right boating gear for your boat. Keep reading to discover how these marine products will keep your boat clean and hull and deck maintained for the season. And select the boat safety products that meet your boating needs.

A boater in sunglasses and a blue shirt smiles as he sits at the helm of a bot. The water behind him is reflecting the sun.

Boating Safety

Safety should always be your top priority when boating. Lakes, oceans, rivers and bays can be unpredictable, and proper preparation can be the difference between a smooth trip and a disaster. Check out these safety items for your boat:

  • First Aid KitsA well stocked first aid kit aboard your boat will ensure your boater is always prepared for medical needs. 
  • Emergency Gear: Boaters should always have safety gear on hand in case of an emergence, to keep your crew safe and comply with applicable boating laws. Fawcett Boat Supply can provide EPIRBs, AIS, PLBs, 
    Fire Extinguishers, First Aid Flares Knives and Life Rafts 
  • Life vests and PFD's: Having life jackets and PFDs onboard is essential when boating.  Traditional vests can be less expensive but don't always provide the necessary use in emergencies. There are Inflatable Life Vests, Throwable PFD and Traditional Manual PFD. Fawcett Boat Supply can help you select and purchase the PFD that is best for you and your boat crew.


    Boating Accessories 

    To enhance their time on the boat, these boat accessories are essential on every type of boat.

    • Sunglasses: Sunglasses minimize the glare from the sun and on the water so your boaters can better enjoy their time out on the water with less strain on their eyes. 
    • Boating ApparelThe water can make the temperature seem colder, and the evenings and nights can get especially chilly. Stay warm and dry wearing a jackets, shirts, pants, shorts and foul weather gear to keep you comfortable when out on the water in various types of weather conditions.
    • Boat shoes: Boat shoes have lightweight designs and waterproof rubber to maximize boating comfort. Boaters can have fun and get wet while staying comfortable. 
    • Waterproof Bags: Boaters need to keep their contents and personal items dry while boating. Fawcett Boat Supply sells Ronstan water proof bags they can rely on when it rains or wants to ensure carry on boating gear has an extra layer of protection from the elements.
    • Deck organizers: These gifts are great for clearing clutter and giving every item a purposeful location. A deck organizer allows your boater to find the best place for their tools, equipment and supplies while maximizing deck space and keeping their areas organized. 
    • Boat DrinkwareWhen boaters are on the water, they don't want to worry about loose items falling over and creating a mess. With unpredictable waves and people moving around, having a spill-proof tumbler is a great way to ensure there are no drink-related messes.  
    • Sailing gloves: Finding a good pair of sailing gloves that provide durability, comfort and grip for your boater is easy. These gloves protect your hands when pulling lines, moving about the deck and other routine sailing tasks. Fawcett Boat Supply sells gloves for many conditions to fully meet your boating needs. 
    • Sailor's knife: Sailors constantly deal with ropes while boating, and they have to know how and when to cut them. A heavy-duty sailor's knife is an excellent tool that makes dealing with ropes much easier. 

      Boat Maintenance Supplies

      Cleaning probably isn't the most enjoyable part of the boating experience, but it is one of the most essential. Reducing tripping hazards and keeping pieces in tip-top shape will help your boater keep their vessel in the best condition possible and make it more enjoyable to get out of the water. Check out these boat cleaning and maintenance supplies for your boater:

      • Boat Cleaners: Boat Cleaners such as Marine Spray Nine keeps your boat looking like new. Multi-purpose cleaners and disinfectants work above and below deck. Purchase boat cleaners that removes stains and yellowing. By using boat cleaners on a regular basis on vinyl and hard surfaces your boat will stay clean during the boating season. 
      • Boat Wash and Cleaning Tools: Biodegradable boat wash such as Star Brite Boat Wash cleans dirt and grime off fiberglass, metal, plastics, vinyl and all painted surfaces. Clean hulls, decks and hardware. Apply boat wash with brushes and scrubbing tools like the Swabbit Soft Washing and a Never Kink Water House. Frequent boat washing and cleaning will keep your boat looking clean. 
      • Hull Cleaner: Hull Cleaners such as Star Brite Instant Hull Cleaner is formulated to begin working on contact to remove unsightly waterline stains. It is also very effective at removing rust stains or leaf stains from fiberglass or painted surfaces. It will not harm the surface being cleaned and is an ideal preparation for polishing the hull.

      Get your Boat Supplies and Accessories From Fawcett Boat Supplies

      Boating is our passion at Fawcett Boating Supplies. When you shop with us, you can access many accessories, supplies and products that enhance the boating experience. 

      We make it easy to find your boat supplies and products. You can shop our boating products now to find the boating supplies that meets your needs.

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