7/16-14 HSS TAP

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7/16-14 UNC left hand thread tap also available (RH=right hand LH= left hand), if need right hand thread tap, no need specially specified, if need left hand tap, it should be specified specially. These American Standard taps usually produced according to class of fit: 2B, we also can produce according to 1B or 3B fully according to clients’ requirements.


  • Usually the 7/16″-14 UNC thread taps are bright without special coating,  if clients need, we also can add special coatings, for example: TiN, TiCN, CrN or TiAlN. After coating, the taps’s working life can be improved greatly.
  • Usually these taps supplied by individual ( single bottoming tap), we also can send by sets ( Taper and bottom)
  • After Quenching treatment, the taps have a good wear – resistance.
  • Our tap’ cutting effect is good with sharp cutting performance
  • Good surface finish
  • outstanding quality, high precision and excellent production reliability.
  • Our taps can be used in through holes and blind holes.


  • Size: 11.112 mm
  • Pitch: 1.814
  • Material: HSS (High speed steel)

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