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The Quick Connect System Fittings are made from Glass-filled Polypropylene and the piping is made from Polyethylene. They can be used to install additional outlets or to completely re-plumb a boat or recreational vehicle.

Whale Quick Connect fittings ensure a high integrity, reliable plumbing system solution, specifically designed for use in marine applications and most require no tools for connections. Whale Quick Connect fittings offer many benefits, all ensuring a high integrity plumbing system.

Note: It is vital that Whale Quick Connect water systems are fully winterized to prevent frost damage in cold weather climates.

General Features:

  • Unique "Double Gripper" provides secure lifelong tube retention even at excessive pressures
    • Designed for use with Whale plastic tubing and grooved stems only
  • Collet has internal support ring ensuring O-ring seal is held in position and does not distort or leak under pressure
  • The innovative, tube supporting, "cage collet" design eliminates leaks where fittings are close to tight bends
  • High integrity single piece molding improves the reliability and strength of fittings
  • Outer sleeve incorporates collet cover, thus preventing accidental tube release
  • No collet clips are used thus the Whale system reduces costs, speeds up installation time and ensures complete installation every time
  • The patented Whale® plumbing system is specifically designed to be used in "mobile" applications
  • Whale Quick Connect fittings and WhaleX Pipework tubing are covered for 10 years from date of purchase (Except WX1599)
  • They are designed for use with Whale plastic tubing and grooved stems only

General Specifications:

  • Fittings are made from Glass-filled Polypropylene
  • WhaleX Piping is made from Polyethylene
    • 15 mm, Whalex Red Tubing:
      • Designed for Hot water lines
      • Maximum hot water pressure is 90 psi
      • Maximum hot water temp is 150 degrees F / 65 C
    • 15 mm, Whalex Blue Tubing:
      • Designed for Cold water lines
      • Maximum cold water pressure is 180 psi
      • Maximum cold water temp is 68 degrees F / 20 C
      • Minimum bend radius is 2.95 inches
  • Standard Whale 15mm Tubing is made from medium density polyethylene, and the WhaleX is made from high-density polyethylene. They both have the same temperature and pressure rating for sustained use, but we test the Whalex tubing to withstand 3x its rated pressure (2x for the standard tubing).

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