Dr. LED 36-44mm 12V White Festoon Star LED Bulb

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Dr. LED 36-44mm 12V White Festoon Star LED Bulb

This 12 volt LED bulb is specially designed as a direct replacement for most festoon incandescent navigation light bulbs available on the market such as those from Aqua Signal, Hella (3562 series), Lalizas, Perko, and several other manufacturers. This high-quality high-power LED bulb is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat with a current draw of only about 0.1A. They are especially well-suited for mast mounted lights, as their incredible reliability will mean an end to frequent climbs up the mast to replace nav light bulbs.

White Festoon Star (PN:8001566) has been replaced by 39-44mm Festoon Star PN:9000241 (12 VDC).

  • Replaces 36 mm to 44 mm long pointed festoon bulbs
  • 44 mm dimpled festoon bulbs (single color aqua signal series 25 nav lights)
  • Warm white
  • High-Power LED - 2 NM visibility  12 VDC
  • Internal circuitry provides for constant energy consumption, regardless of voltage fluctuations from the source, meaning no flickering and longer LED life
  • Long service life, shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break
  • Very low power consumption (approx. 1 W)
  • Lead and mercury free, no UV output

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