Dr. LED 12/24V Mini G4 LED Star Bulb

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Dr. LED 12/24V Mini G4 LED Star Bulb

This mini G4 LED bulb is ideal for replacing your existing incandescent or halogen small G4 bulbs. Unique, cutting edge, internal circuitry and the highest quality components make Dr. LED's the longest lasting, most energy efficient LED products on the market. This high-quality bulb produces a warm white light, and is the perfect way to reduce energy consumption on your boat. They have a long service life, are shock proof, and UV, lead and mercury-free. These bulbs are ideal for cockpit lights; map reading lights, emergency lights, etc. 

One-to-one G4 pin LED replacement in terms of physical dimensions.

  • High-quality marine environment US designed high-power LEDs.
  • Soothing warm white light.
  • Zero radio frequency (RF) emission, surface-mount-device design.
  • Internal circuitry provides constant current draw regardless of voltage fluctuations from the source (10 to 30 VDC ), meaning no flickering and longer LED life.
  • Long service life, shockproof, ultra-rugged with no filament to burn out or break.
  • Very low power consumption (approx. 1.2 W, 0.1A @ 12 VDC).
  • Lead and mercury free, no UV output.
  • Designed in the USA.

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