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Mix'n Measure Buckets - Plastic

Accurately measure and mix primers, clears, single stage, basecoat and any refinishing product in these sturdy, solvent resistant clear plastic mixing cups.
Mix'n Measure plastic buckets are calibrated for measuring in both ounces and liters. Larger buckets add quarts.
They are also calibrated for 9 paint mixing ratios.
All scales are read on the outside of the bucket.
Lids are sold separately - they keep debris from falling in the cup while you are between paint sessions, and also keep solvents from evaporating.

• Safe for use with all paints, pastes, and adhesives
• Container bottom is flat for easy mixing
• Made from high density polyethylene
• Sturdy construction means you can clean and reuse
• Solvent resistant
• Blue with red scales on translucent, seamless plastic
• Made in USA
Lids sold separately - See Accessory Products, below

Paint mixing ratios:
3 : 1 : 1
3 : 1 : 5% : 10%
4 : 1 : 1
4 : 2 : 1
4 : 2 : 2 : 1
5 : 1 : 1
6 : 1 : 1
8 : 1 : 1
18 : 6 : 1

Instructions for how to use mixing cups:
Find the ratio on the side of the cup across the top, that you’ll need for your particular application.
Fill the product to a number in the first column, depending on how much you are mixing. If you need very little product use the #1 series. To mix a lot use the biggest numbers.
For example, let’s say you’ll need a medium size amount so you will use the #3 series. Fill to the 3 in the first column, then go to the second column and fill to the #3; and if it is a 3-stage ratio go to the third column and fill to the #3.
You don't have to use all the columns. For example, use only the first two columns in the 4:1:1 ratio to get a 4:1 mixing ratio.
If your ratio is not on the cup, you can use the ounce or liter scales to measure volumes - say for a 1:1 mixture.

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