Fein Carbide Oscillating Segmented Blade 3 x 1/16" Ea.

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Fein Carbide Oscillating Segmented Blade 3 x 1/16"                                                                                                                        

  • 3" Diameter 1/16" wide for thin grout lines
  • Porous concrete and epoxy's with a long life
  • Segmented blade has one flat side so you can cut corners or adjoining surfaces

3" Segmented Carbide oscillating saw blade is ideal for removal or repair of grout lines in bathrooms, kitchens and others just to name a few. Kerf is 1/32" for your standard grout lines. Also ideal for making cuts in plaster, drywall, porous concrete and similar construction materials. Segmented to allow you to cut up to a corner without hitting the adjoining wall or over cutting. Fits all oscillating tools due to the Starlock system.

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