Forespar Ultra Series Pole Ends UTR Trigger Style 2" Grey 200-EF

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Ultra Series Pole Ends - UTR Trigger Style

This product represents the cutting edge in spinnaker pole end fitting technology. Designed for high strength, very low weight and resistance to wear and corrosion, the Ultra Series composite end fittings are perfect for aluminum or carbon fiber spinnaker and whisker poles.
• Maximum boat length 43 ft. - for larger boats use UGPS and GP series pole ends
• UTR “trigger” model has an internal trip line that runs inside the pole, usually to 2 exits points near each end; the trip line is also used to cock the trigger (which is out of view in the image)
• Ideal replacement for old aluminum fittings
• All Ultra ends require minimum 1.5" ID pole car rings to function properly. Undersized rings will damage ends and void warranty

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