NaviSafe Bendable Suction-Mount


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Bendable Suction-Mount

Designed to allow secure mounting of the Navi lights with magnetic base on any kind of smooth and flat surfaces. The quick release suction cup releases with just one push of the lever so it can be stored quickly or mounted to another place or boat.

Navigation lights should be mounted so that they are not covered by the vessel’s superstructure or may interfere with deck lights. The bendable suction mount can be easily used to mount the magnetic Navi lights at:

  • the outboard engine
  • the steering console, the windshield or any place on the hull where the lights are seen best
  • on canoes and kayaks with a smooth and flat surface


  • secure suction cup base
  • quick release suction cap
  • bendable shaft moves through 180 degree
  • self adhering plastic mounting plate Ø = 75 mm for secure mounting on rough surfaces
  • Size: L = 68mm,  H = 157mm
  • Weight (net): 80 g

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