Rule Non-Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump 12V 360 GPH


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Rule Non-Automatic Submersible Bilge Pump 12V 360 GPH

Industry standard pumps with improvements that set the bar even higher.

These newly redesigned submersible bilge pumps build on the solid engineering and relentless testing that has made previous Rule models industry standards. Innovative improvements add function and protection not seen in bilge pumps.  Water flow has been increased without increasing amperage draw by using an optimized impeller. In the event the impeller is jammed by debris, a new thermal cut-off shuts down the pump to prevent the motor from overheating and possibly causing a fire. To reduce odors caused by residual water that travels back from the thru-hull, Rule has added an improved check valve to keep the water in the hose.  To assist the check valve and prevent air locking, hidden vents have been added to the body. Maintenance and inspection is simplified by the addition of a threaded discharge; simply un-snap the pump from the base and unthread it from the hose. With these innovations, Rule has taken bilge pumps to the next level and has set the bar even higher.

Key Features

  • Increased water flow without increased amperage draw
  • Thermal cut off prevents damage to the pump and boat if clogged by debris
  • Reduced residual bilge water and resultant odors
  • Air lock prevention through vents in the pump body
  • Simplified maintenance with threaded discharge and snap on base

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