Yamaha Yamalube Marine Gear Case Lube HD Qt.

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Yamalube Marine Lower Unit Gearcase Lube HD Qt.

Superior marine lubricant designed to protect gearcase components from the extreme pressures of high speeds for extended periods of time, formulated with high-quality corrosion and rust inhibitors for the harsh fresh & saltwater environment.


  • Meets GL-5 requirements
  • Recommended for all Yamaha V8 F300, V8 F350, V6 VMAX SHO 200, V6 VMAX SHO 250, & V6 Offshore models (2010 & newer)
  • Special rust and corrosion inhibitors protect bearings and internal components from the hardest saltwater marine enviorment
  • Special high viscosity extreme pressure additives protect gears in high load and high speed conditions for extended operating periods
  • For optimal gearcase lubrication, change gearlube as perscribed in the owners manual and use genuine Yamalube gearcase lubricant

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